KSB Magnochem Seal-less Pumps (Mag-drive Pumps)

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KSB Magnochem Seal-less Pumps (Mag-drive Pumps)

Main applications

▪ Chemical industry
▪ District heating
▪ Industrial recirculation systems
▪ Air-conditioning systems
▪ Condensate transport
▪ Cooling circuits
▪ Petrochemical industry
▪ Pipelines and tank farms
▪ Refineries
▪ Process engineering
▪ Hot-water heating systems
▪ Sugar industry

Fluids handled

▪ Aggressive fluids
▪ Explosive fluids
▪ Flammable fluids
▪ Toxic fluids
▪ Valuable fluids
▪ Fluids which are injurious to health


▪ Volute casing pump
▪ Horizontal installation
▪ Back pull-out design
▪ Single-stage
▪ Meets the technical requirements to ISO 5199
▪ Dimensions and ratings to EN 22858 / ISO 2858 complemented by pumps of nominal diameters DN 25, DN 200 and above
▪ Hydraulic system components identical with those of standardised chemical pump

Pump casing

▪ Single or double volute, depending on the pump size
▪ Radially split volute casing
▪ Volute casing with integrally cast pump feet
▪ Replaceable casing wear rings

Impeller type

▪ Closed radial impeller with multiply curved vanes
▪ Back vanes or discharge-side sealing gap reduce axial thrust

Shaft seal

▪ Seal-less, with magnetic coupling
▪ Containment shroud as sealing element
▪ Optional: with leakage barrier

Casing cover variants

▪ Internal circulation (flushing connection possible)
▪ External liquid feed (barrier fluid)
▪ Version with filter (flushing connection possible)
▪ Heatable


▪ Grease-packed for life

A theoretical bearing life Lh10 of 25,000 h can be achieved at an operating temperature of 90 °C. At temperatures below 80 °C, Lh10 values of 30,000 h are possible. However, bearing life may be reduced by vibrations, aggressive gases, moisture, etc.

Drive-end bearings

▪ Radial ball bearings with internal clearance C3
▪ Grease-packed for life (high melting point grease)
▪ Optional: oil lubrication

Pump-end bearing

▪ Hydrodynamic plain bearings
▪ Product-lubricated

Automation options

▪ Hyamaster
▪ hyatronic
▪ PumpDrive

Coating and preservation

▪ Coating and preservation to KSB standard

Product benefits

▪ High operating reliability:
– No more than 2 static seals are required.
– Containment shroud protected by anti-rub feature and (dis-)assembly aid
– Self-draining facility of containment shroud
– Pump does not need to be drained before drive unit is fitted/removed for servicing

▪ Broad application range ensured by:
– Product-lubricated plain bearings made of silicon carbide
– Temperature-independent mounting of plain bearings
– Temperature maintenance and heating facility for casing, rotor space and bearing bracket lantern

▪ Low-maintenance design:
– Grease-packed rolling element bearings sealed for life (Lh = 25,000 h)

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