KSB Etaline In Line Pump

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Main applications

• Heating systems
• Air-conditioning systems
• Cooling circuits
• Water supply systems
• Service water supply systems
• Industrial recirculation systems
• Swimming pools

Fluids handled

Fluids not chemically or mechanically aggressive to the materials

Design details

• Close-coupled design/in-line design
• Single-stage
• Horizontal/vertical installation
• Rigid connection between pump and motor

Pump casing

Radially split volute casing

Impeller Type

Closed radial impeller

Shaft seal

• Single mechanical seal to EN 12756
• The shaft is fitted with a replaceable shaft sleeve in the shaft seal area


• Radial ball bearing in the motor housing
• Grease lubrication


Standard design:

• KSB/Siemens surface-cooled IEC three-phase current squirrel-cage motor
• Winding Up to 2.2 kW: 220-240 V/ 380-420 V From 3 kW: 380-420 V/ 660-725 V
• Type of construction Up to 4 kW: IM V1 From 5.5 kW: IM V15
• Enclosure IP55
• Thermal class F
• Motor protection 3 PTC thermistors
• Efficiency class IE2 or IE3
• Mode of operation Continuous operation S1
• SuPremE motor (up to 45 kW only)
• KSB SuPremE motor: surface-cooled, IEC-compatible, magnetless synchronous reluctance motor (PumpDrive required)
• Frequency 50 Hz/ 60 Hz (at PumpDrive input)
• Voltage 380 480 V (at PumpDrive input)
• Type of construction IM V15
• Enclosure IP55
• Thermal class F
• Motor protection 3 PTC thermistors
• Mode of operation Continuous operation S1
• Efficiency class IE4, as per IEC/CD 60034-30 Ed.2

Automation options:

• PumpDrive
• PumpMeter

Coating and preservation

Coating and preservation to KSB standard Product benefits

Product Benefits

• Improved efficiency and NPSHreq by experimentally verified hydraulic design of impellers (vanes)
• Low energy costs through compliance with Commission Regulation 547/2012 (minimum efficiency index MEI ≥ 0.4)
• Operating costs reduced by trimming the impeller diameter to match the specified duty point
• Little wear, low vibration levels and excellent smooth running characteristics thanks to good suction performance and virtually cavitation-free operation across a wide operating range
• Casing sealed reliably – even in varying operating conditions – by confined casing gasket
• Large variety of materials for perfectly matching the pump to the fluid handled. Large range of materials for many applications available as standard.
• Low-noise low-vibration motors specially designed for Etaline L. Also available as 2-pole motors.

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