SPECK Pump ASK Series

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SPECK Pump ASK Series

Side channel pumps with NPSH suction stage in modular design with mechanical seal or magnetic coupling (Self Priming, Delivering Gas)


Pumps of the ASK and ASK-MK series are designed for the delivery and re-circulation of liquids at unfavourable suction-side conditions and liquids close boiling point.

They are suitable for liquids without abrasive contaminatuions and without solid content.

For example :
– Boiler Feed Water
– Condensates
– Distillates
– Liquid Gas
– Coolants
– Solvents

Main Applications

The pumps are mainly used in the following sectors :
– Basic process engineering
– Chemical industry
– Food, beverages and tobacco industry
– Instrument engineering
– Shipping

Operating Data

Standard conditions at site

– Relative humidity during continuous operating up to 55%
– Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
– Permissible altude up to 10000m avove sea level

Pressure and temperature limitations

Pressure and temperature limitations are not subject to any special regulations and default values.

Nominal pressure : PN40 (580 psi)
Maximum temperature : 180°C
Temperature above 180°C on request

Design Details

Pumps of the ASK series are horizontal, multi-stage, single-entry centrifugal pumps in modular design with axial inlet and radial outlet. They are combined pumps with NPSH suction stage.

Shaft sealing

Pumps of the ASK series are equipped with mechanical seal in acc. with EN 12756 standard (DIN 24960)

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