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High Pressure Blower (Turbo Blower)
High Pressure Blower (Turbo Blower)
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High Pressure Blower (Turbo Blower)
This High Pressure Pump is a stainless steel pump featuring a rotor thrust control foot type bracket. All wetted parts are Stainless Steel. Three small pumps include the opposite port of the sleeve, the other is the construction of the right angle port. All have rotatable sheath for practical port selection and packing or mechanical seal options. Small size pumps are widely used in factories (palm oil mills), small measurement applications, accurate chemical processing additives, pumping drugs in small capacity and for feed pumps and products in evaporators and distillation systems and in oil palm mills . With a large size can meet the needs of corrosive liquids that flow when needed greater capacity in chemicals and others in processing plants.

High Pressure Blower is a high performance engine. 1 or 2 design stages, with separate pressurized oil lubrication for oil-free transportation and compressed air, neutral gas, and gas mixtures. Roots type products that are very sophisticated and very powerful. Available in a variety of materials and special seals, such as stainless steel or as an acetylene reinforcement in accordance with TRAC norms.


Housing with circular flanges and o-ring seals, lubricants and clean oil supply with complete oil units, oil chambers under gas pressure.


Conveying chamber with a combination of labyrinth slinger ring seals with condensate space between piston ring or shaft seal ring - piston ring maze ring seal.

The drive shaft is sealdes through a double acting mechanical seal which is compressed with oil.


Vertical, from top to bottom.


Direct coupling with the motor or through a flexible spur gear.


Max pressure increases from 1.0 bar abs. to the abs bar 2.0. Resistant compression housing for PN 25 with spark lubrication o-ring seals. Driving shaft seals by 2 shaft seal rings with oil traps. Drive directly through flexible clutch or overhung through a narrow v-belt.

For pumps with large sizes, there is a complete jacket. The completeness is aimed at maintaining uniform temperature, heat or cold, ambient or mechanical packaging of the enclosed area as well as the back and front area of ​​the pump. Jacketed head plates available on request.

High Pressure Blower flow speeds around 365 m3 / hour. Making this pump with a cast iron process, there are lip seals, and mechanical seals so as to minimize the level of leakage. The special metal is to support resistance at pressures up to 14 bar and withstand temperatures of -85oC to 430oC.

In the palm oil industry, pumps are a component that has a very important role in the process of running an industry, for example for the purposes of fast flow, filling reservoirs, and waste disposal.

PT Victorindo highly recommends it for you, because our pump is authentic and well-tested. For reservations you can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce pumps and industrial pump parts. To maintain customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment. Our company is principled, serving quickly.

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