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Single Blower (Air Handing Unit)
Single Blower (Air Handing Unit)
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Single Blower (Air Handing Unit)
High quality equipment certainly has many benefits and advantages for a company. Centrifugal pump products are indispensable for the stability of industrial processes, such as this type of pump. This product is sought after from various companies to support their production, such as the palm oil processing industry. PT Victorindo provides types of industrial pumps, valves, gear pumps.

There are basically two types of air handling units in use and they are "Draw-Through" or "Blow-Through".

In the Draw-Through type, the fan draws air through the mixing box, filters and cools the coil before releasing it from the fan outlet to the chamber to be conditioned or to the duct network. The design can be vertical or horizontal. In this case, the part before the fan has negative pressure.

In the Blow-Through type, the fan blows air through the mixing box, filter and cooling coil before releasing it into the chamber being conditioned or the duct system. In this case, the part after the fan has positive pressure.

These pump parts:

Air Handling Unit Components

The following are some of the components of an air handling unit that may be contained in this equipment.


The housing that contains all AHU components is usually made of metal, some of which are painted to prevent corrosion.

In the part where the fan and coil are located, 1-2 inches of polyurethane foam or PU is used to insulate them to prevent condensation on the panels. Drain pan is also used as a preventive measure in case of water condensation.


Centrifugal fans are used to flow air to various parts of the building. The types of fans available are Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Forward Curved and Airfoil.

Fan selection will depend on the air volume and static pressure required by the system. Typically, the system designer will use special software to make this selection.

To reduce the effect of vibration on the panels, motors and fans are usually installed in vibration isolators except when the drive unit is external to the casing casing.

In recent years, the use of variable air volume (VAV) systems has become more popular as the volume of air expelled can vary depending on load conditions. If the load is high, the fan speed will be higher and if the load is lower, the fan speed will be lower.

The fan speed is varied by using a frequency inverter rather than a conventional motor such as a PSC motor. The frequency inverter provides better fan speed control as the entire fan speed range from super low to super high can now be used based on the required load conditions.

This technology has made it possible to better use energy and go hand in hand with the search for greener energy.

Cooling Coil is used to cool and humidify the air. A DX (direct expansion) cooling coil and a CW (chilled water) cooling coil are available for use depending on the system design.

These coils are arranged in rows with different fin spacing. Aluminum fins and copper tubes are used in the coil design. Corrosion-resistant hydrophilic fins are also used because of their lower cost and lower resistance to air velocity.

This type of pump has interesting features. As well as being in great demand in the market, therefore this pump is needed by many world companies.

We from PT Victorindo serve the purchase of industrial pump products. You can contact directly to the distributor of PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce various types of pumps with original products and good quality. In order to maintain the level of customer satisfaction. You don't need to worry if there is trouble with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair these tools.

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