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Frp Sirocco Fan
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Frp Sirocco Fan
High quality equipment certainly has many benefits and advantages for a company. Pump products are indispensable for the stability of industrial processes, in addition to the existence of quality industrial pump spare parts. These products are sought after by various companies to support the course of their production, such as the palm oil processing industry. PT Victorindo as a large distributor provides types of pumps and industrial pump spare parts for various types of pumps, products that are reliable, efficient, creative and innovative.

In the industry itself, pumps become a component that has a very important role in the process of running an industry, for example to fill the reservoir (reservoir), and others.

Features and benefits of this product include: Standardized central discharge; Provides centralized release in only one direction (clockwise). In fact, the number of rotating release directions is limited to three, compared to six for conventional models. This eliminates the problem of choosing the direction of disposal and simplifies channel management; Ease of maintenance; Includes a removable suction cone that allows the impeller to be easily removed by simply removing the suction side channel. This simplifies the inspection of the interior of the casing; Excellent corrosion resistance; Standard casing and impellers manufactured with injection-formed FRPP featuring excellent chemical resistance and high dimensional accuracy; Treatment is greatly reduced; The direct drive type has no V-belt and no bearings, the only rotating parts are the motor and thrusters. No maintenance is required for mechanical parts such as belts and bearings, which significantly reduces labor for monitoring facilities. Suction and discharge round identical flanges; To simplify the pipeline, both suction and discharge flanges are made with identical dimensions in accordance with existing regulations

Use of this product as a corrosive gas fan / blower in chemical or pharmaceutical plants; As a fan / blower in various gas laboratory maintenance laboratories; As a fan / blower in biotechnology research laboratories or experimental semiconductor laboratories; As fans / blowers in kitchen facilities; As a gas fan / odor fan at a waste treatment facility; As a fan / blower to eliminate beach salt pollution

The flow speed of this pump is around 30 m3 / hour. Making this pump with a cast iron process, there are lip seals, and mechanical seals so as to minimize the level of leakage. Pump sizes range from 1 inch to 24 inches. This metal is specialized in making pomla to support resistance to pressures up to 14 bar and withstand temperatures of -20oC to + 50oC.

This type of pump has interesting features. And much in demand in the market, therefore this pump is needed by many world companies.

The choice of quality pumps of course with trusted distributors, therefore our distributors are the answer. We from PT Victorindo serve the purchase of this product. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce quality pumps and industrial pump spare parts (globe, valves, steam valves, industrial valves, palm oil mill gear pumps, etc.), the products we distribute are authentic and number one quality. For the sake of maintaining customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment. Our company is principled, serving quickly.

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