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Ripple Mill
Well-known distributors such as PT Victorindo always develop their business and expand their supplier and client networks. PT Victorindo is a large distributor that provides various types of pumps, spare parts (gear pumps, boilers, lubricants, and others), valves (palm oil mill valves, steam valves, and various valves for the palm oil industry). The Ripple Mill pumps at our distributor are number one quality.

The pumps are designed for pump applications with maximum inlet pressure port size rated maximum differential pressure and maximum temperature. Maximum motor speed is a worldwide manufacturer of internal spur gear, external spur gear, and pumps.

The Ripple Mill is designed to get a higher and more perfect efficiency of breaking the oil palm fruit seeds.

The advantages of the Ripple Mill include: The new design of the Ripple Mill is more practical by using 2 Ripple Plates on both the right and left sides, so that damage to the Ripple Plate on the right side can replace its rotation using the left Ripple plate. (Type of soul-united Ripple Plate which is welded to the surface of the Trapezium Serration with high-steel welding wire); The sturdy rotor of the Ripple Mill uses 38-40 high-grade steel bars, in a hard gilding process arranged on the surface of the Rotor, the Rotor is balanzed so that it gets good breaking results; Very simple construction easy to maintain; Adjusting the gap between the Rotor and Ripple Plate for various size beans can be done quickly and easily.

Some of the advantages of using a Ripple Mill machine such as:

It can directly break wet beans from the Polishing Drum without drying process through Nut Silos, Heater and Fan so that electricity consumption and maintenance costs for additional equipment can be saved, as well as steam savings which can be used for more important stations such as for fruit stew (Sterilizer FFB) and others.

The efficiency of breaking the seeds can be up to 98% so that the loss resulting from wasting a lot of unbroken or half broken seeds in the Clay Bath or Hydrocyclone process can be saved.

The percentage of core that was destroyed due to overly dry seeds was reduced. Ash and dirt are reduced as the shell and core are crushed relatively slightly.

The machine capacity can reach 3-8 tons per hour, comparable to two or three conventional grain crushing machines.

It is suitable for breaking all types of seed sizes, especially for cracking thick-shelled seeds or types of Dura.

Simple construction makes loading and unloading easy reducing stagnation period.

Machines with simple construction can be installed anywhere without major overhaul of the existing factory construction.

There are two types of Ripple Mill designs, one being the united-soul Ripple Mill which is welded to the surface of the Trapezium Serration with high-steel welded wire. As an option, the Ripple Mill which uses 18 high-grade hard-glued steel bars that are arranged on the surface of the Ripple Mill can be supplied upon request by end-users.

The Ripple Mill Pump achieves a flow rate of about 100 l / hr per pump head. Using the pump head, the discharge pressure is up to 24 bar. The special metal is to support resistance to pressure and resistance to high temperatures.

In the palm oil industry, the pump is a component that has a very important role in the running process of an industry, for example for fast flow purposes, filling reservoirs, and waste disposal.

The Ripple Mill type pump from distributor PT Victorindo is highly recommended for you, because the pumps in our place are genuine and well tested. For reservations you can contact directly to the distributor of PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce number one quality pumps. To maintain the level of customer satisfaction. You don't need to worry if there is trouble with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair these tools. Our company has a principle, serve quickly.

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