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Industrial development is getting more advanced, so are pump products for industrial needs. Working with pump supply professionals around the world, PT Victorindo has distributed a wide range of pumps for emulsion reduction, blown, filled and polymer-modified uses, as well as related products such as pitch, tar and heavy oil. By responding to different designs, sizes, materials and options. Due to the best quality, PT Victorindo as a distributor provides various types of pumps.

All axle lines are designed based on the transmission of torque from the motor / engine to the propeller. This torque spins the propeller and creates thrust which results in movement of the ship. For this reason torque must be sent to ensure maximum power efficiency.

In scenarios where it is not possible to install flanged shafts, or where conventional shaft connections result in an expensive installation or cannot meet the shaft requirements, the product can offer a Hydraulic solution.

Hydraulic is a very simple method of shaft connection. They reduce the need for shaft preparation because there is no need for the use of keyways, tapers or thrust rings at the ends of the shaft. It also ensures safe transmission of torque to the propeller and supports very high thrust by friction. Hydraulic is available in various sizes.

The Hydraulic specification consists of an internally tapered boss which presses against the tapered sleeve externally during its axial displacement. This contact forms a shrinking force of shrinking. The good combination of sleeve, boss and shaft fixing, together with the Hydraulic injection method, allows achieving the desired torque of the thrust transmission.

Hydraulics are available in four executions. Hydraulics are manufactured with the highest quality standard materials and comply with all the most pressing requirements of the international community standards. The detailed manufacturing and control procedures also give the product a perfect ready-to-install. In case of installation under a corrosive environment with coupling material, external protection can be provided to avoid damage to the hydraulic couplings.

  • End stroke valve
  • 3 way selector valve
  • 4 way selector valve
  • 3 way selector 8 way valves
The features and benefits of the Hydraulic Pump include:

Allows mounting between the end of the cylinder shaft to the end of the cylinder / flanged shaft.

Small gaps between connected shafts are accepted in coupling fitting.

Designed to ensure the shortest install / unload time with minimum resources.

Equipped with a sealing system that allows easy and clean installation / uninstallation. Requires minimal shaft preparation.

Avoid the risk of fretting and fatigue from a lack of keyway stress boosters.

No costly component replacement is required throughout the life of the installation.

Allows the transmission of very high torque and boost.

Our commitment to customer needs is reflected in our international network. They provide expertise in selection, installation, startup, operation, and service. Products from us are made by reliable technicians in their manufacture.

This hydraulic pump has a flow power of 150 m3 / hour. The manufacture of this pump is made with a cast iron process, there is a lip seal and a mechanical seal to minimize the leakage rate. Specialized metal to support pressure resistance up to 24 bar and resistance to temperatures of -30 to 150oC.

PT Victorindo can be an option for you, because we provide pumps, gear pumps, valves, and so on with original and number one quality goods. You can contact directly to the distributor of PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that manufacture pumps and industrial pump parts. To maintain the level of customer satisfaction. You don't need to worry if there is trouble with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair these tools. Our company has a principle, serve quickly.

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