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Pig Signaller
Pig Signaller
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Pig Signaller
Pig Signalers are used for indication that the Pig Pipeline has left the Pig Launching at the receiving Pig or passed the marked point in the pipe. The Signaller intrusion design is used to monitor hog sections in pipes with an omni-directional trigger, which eliminates errors resulting from incorrect tool installation.

Pig Signalers are available in a variety of configurations with visual and remote indication and are categorized into three identification ranges; Mechanical Flag model MW; EW Model Electrical Switch; Combined CW model Flags & Switches.

The PolyEurope Pig Signaller Range can be installed using four different methods depending on requirements; MW direct welded model MF flange connection model. Direct installation complete with ball valve model MVW. Complete flange connection with ball valve model MVF

This product is manufactured in three pressure classifications - up to ANSI Class 600, and to ANSI Class 900 and 1500. Standard models are designed for use in temperatures from -20ºC to + 200ºC. All models are bidirectional and available with mechanically operated signal flags, electric reset switches, or mechanical and electrical signals.

The Pig Signaler is an economical price unit that provides adjustable on-site penetration and provides simple visual indication to the operator with a single action reset. The proven shaftless tumbler mechanism and laminated trigger blade provide the required depth of penetration into the pipe to provide a reliable and visible signal with negligible effect on flow.

Standard models are provided ready for installation on the base to be welded to a conduit or vessel. Flange-mount models up to ANSI Class 1500 are also available. Special adapters and smaller diameter triggers are available for other retro-fit brands.

The flow rate of the Viking Ammonia Pump is about 365 m3 / hour. The manufacture of this pump is made with a cast iron process, there is a lip seal and a mechanical seal to minimize the leakage rate. The special metal is to support resistance to pressures up to 14 bar and is resistant to temperatures of -20oC to + 150oC.

In the palm oil industry, the pump is a component that has a very important role in the running process of an industry, for example for fast flow purposes, filling reservoirs, and waste disposal.

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