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Control Valves Type M1F
Control Valves Type M1F
Clorius - Control
Control Valves Type M1F
These products are sought after by various companies to support the course of their production, such as the palm oil processing industry. PT Victorindo as a large distributor provides types of pumps and industrial pump spare parts (valves, steam valves, butterfly valves, verimex, globe, gear, etc.) for various types of pumps.

The application of the M1F type control valve is designed to regulate low, medium and high pressure of hot water, steam and lubricating oil. Valves are used together with our temperature or pressure difference regulators to control industrial processes, district heating or plant or marine installation centers. The dimensions of this pump are for the size of the control valve and actuator selection.

This pump is designed with valve components - shaft, stand and cone - made of stainless steel. The valve body is made of EN-GJS-400-15 cast iron with flanges drilled according to EN 1092-2. The thread for the actuator connection is ISO 228 G1B. The valve is single and is designed for tight closing. Leakage rate is less than 0.05% of full flow (according to VDI / VDE 2174). All valves on Control Valve Type M1F are manufactured under ISO 9001 Certification and are pressure and leakage tested before shipping.

Performance mechanism without the actuator connected, the valve is held in the open position by means of a spring. With pressure on the spindle the valve will close. In connection with our thermostats or electronic actuators, the valves will close at elevated temperatures. For refrigeration circuits a return action valve can be used. Quadratic characteristics will not stop until the flow drops below 4% of the full flow.

The flow speed of this pump is around 30 m3 / hour. Making this pump with a cast iron process, there are lip seals, and mechanical seals so as to minimize the level of leakage. This pump is made of special metal aims to support resistance at pressures up to 16 bar and withstand temperatures up to 300oC.

This Clorius type pump has interesting features. And much in demand in the market, therefore this pump is needed by many world companies.

  • Without the actuator being connected, the valve is held in open position by means of a spring. With pressure on the spindle the valve will close.
  • In connection with our thermostats or electronic actuators, the valves will close at rising temperatures. For cooling circuits a reverse acting valve can be used.
  • The quadratic characteristic will not cease until the flow has dropped below 4% of the full flow.
Want to know and not the wrong type of pump type Clorius Control Valve Type M1F our distributor the answer. We from PT Victorindo serve the purchase of this product. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce dembla pumps, so the products are original and of good quality. For the sake of maintaining customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment. Our company is principled, serving quickly.

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