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Opti Gard
High quality equipment certainly has many benefits and advantages for a company. Pump products are indispensable for the stability of industrial processes, in addition to the existence of quality industrial pump spare parts. These products are sought after by various companies to support the course of their production, such as the palm oil processing industry. PT Victorindo as a large distributor provides types of pumps and industrial pump spare parts for various types of pumps, products that are reliable, efficient, creative and innovative.

In the industry itself, pumps become a component that has a very important role in the process of running an industry, for example to fill the reservoir (reservoir), and others.

Opti-Gard reverse acting discs act as a single disk solution across a complete line of size, material, burst pressure and process conditions. Versatile and adaptable. Performing just as well as liquids, gases or steam, the Opti-Gard is the ideal multi-purpose pressure relief solution. Can be used alone or in combination with a safety valve.

When installed as part of our stock rationalization program, Opti-Gard can reduce share ownership by up to 65%. This offers significant cost savings by reducing variation in inventory and installation, without affecting quality.

The main features of Opti-Gard, namely stainless steel as standard, with other materials available, non-fragment design, smooth surface, optional fluoropolymer coating on the process and / or side vacuum, full vacuum resistance and high level back pressure without additional vacuum support. This ensures maximum free flow area on bursts, used on reverse disk holders, add Flo-Tel or Flo-Tel XD for non-invasive burst detection.

Opti Gard has other features such as having been tested on 100,000 cycles, produced at Hastelloy according to standards, standard time of 2 weeks, full vacuum service, allowing to reduce potential stock up to 65%.

  • Tested to over 100,000 cycles
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Manufactured in Hastelloy as standard
  • Standard 2 week lead time
  • Full vacuum service
  • Allows for potential stock reduction of up to 65%
KSB type pumps have interesting features. And much in demand in the market, therefore this pump is needed by many world companies.

The choice of quality pumps of course with trusted distributors, therefore our distributors are the answer. We from PT Victorindo serve the purchase of this product. You can contact directly to the distributor PT Victorindo. We work directly with companies that produce quality pumps and industrial pump spare parts (globe, valves, steam valves, industrial valves, palm oil mill gear pumps, etc.), the products we distribute are authentic and number one quality. For the sake of maintaining customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry if there are problems with these tools in the future because we also prepare reliable technicians to service or repair the equipment. Our company is principled, serving quickly.

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