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Why do centripugal pumps run in high motor amperage conditions?
19 Sep 2020
Why do centripugal pumps run in high motor amperage conditions?

The case of high amperage in the motor unit when the pump is running is often complained of by the user and states that there is a problem with the pump unit, without going through the correct investigation process or trouble shooting analysis. Even though when the motor experiences a high amperage the cause is not necessarily due to the condition of the pump unit.

 In the case of high motor amperage, the root cause of this problem can be caused by several things or one of the following conditions:

- The pump unit has a problem

- The motor unit has a problem

- The electrical voltage is very low.

- The back pressure from the outlet pipe (system head) is lower than the pump head specified in the purchase order, so that the pump unit produces a capacity that is greater than the capacity (Q) requested in the specifications. This condition will cause an increase in power or amperage in the motor.

- Density or viscosity of fluid handled higher than stated in purchase order.
- Speed ​​is too high.

 There are several stages of checking or procedures to get the root cause of high amperage problems in the motor. It is hoped that your enginer have to understand how to read the performance curve of centrifugal pump before doing this procedure. Also the pressure gauge must be placed between the discharge pump and the discharge valve.

Please see and follow the procedure according to our diagram to find the root cause and clearer completion of the occurrence of high amperage in the centripugal pump operating.

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