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Delivery of 2 KSB Omega to the Customer
22 Mei 2020
Delivery of 2 KSB Omega to the Customer
Shipping Preparation for 2 KSB Omega to be sent to the Customer
PT. Victorindo has just finished preparing the delivery of 2 KSBs Omega to customers in Kawasan Industri Medan 2 for cooling water pumps.

2 sets of KSB Omega pumps with a capacity of 1,800 m3 / h are coupled with 355 kW 4pole electric motor. KSB Omega is a type of split casing centrifugal pump with double entry impeller design which is very suitable for cooling water, chiller, fire fighting, sea water desalination and other applications with capacities up to 2,880 m3 / h.

PT. Victorindo as the main distributor of palm oil mill pumps in Kawasan Industri Medan 2 - and already has branches in other major Indonesian cities - also sells all types of industrial valves, steam valves, screw compressors and more. If your industry is associated with pumping equipment or oil palm factory spare parts, then you will find excellent quality products and very appropriate services.

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