Viking Internal Gear Pump

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Viking Internal Gear Pump


–  Internal, External & Magnetic drive Gear pumping principle (PD Pump)

–  Low NPSHr, Stable flow, Self priming, High efficiency

–  Bi-directional / Reversible direction of flow

–  Simple & easy for maintenance

–  Jacketed option on casing, head, relief valve and bracket

–  Integral with internal pressure relief valve


–  Shipment / Transfer Pump : Crude oil, Glycerine, edible / non-edible oil, etc.

–  High viscous liquids : Crude Glycerine, Soap, MFO, Molasses, Lube oil, Chocolate, Grease, PVA, Resins, etc.

–  Thin Liquids : Fuel, Solvent, etc.

–  High Temp. Liquids : Asphalt, Thermal  Oil, cooking oil, etc.

Technical Data

Capacity : up to 364 m3/h

Pressure       : up to 170 bar

Temperature : -50 °C up to + 425 °C

Pump size      : DN 25 up to 250

Materials        : CI, CS, SS, Duplex SS

Viscosity        : up to 1,000,000 cps

Shaft seal : gland pack, single seal,

double seal, triple lip seal