Seepex N Standard Progressive Cavity Pump



Seepex N Standard Progressive Cavity Pump

The two ranges of pumps within the product group N form the basis of all seepex progressive cavity pumps. They are available with various rotor/stator geometries (conventional, 6L, and Tricam) and can be applied in virtually all industrial sectors – for conveying thin to viscous media with or without


Why standard pumps?

Because they are used in applications such as agriculture, ceramics, chemical and biochemical industry, construction, dyeing and varnishing, electroplating, environment technology, fish industry, food and beverage industry, mining, nonmetallic minerals, oil production and offshore technology,

petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, pulp and paper industry, shipbuilding, sugar industry, supply and waste disposal industry, textile industry, vehicle construction

and equipment and wood processing industry.



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