Omal Double Acting Actuator

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The de-clutchable wormgear operator offers simple and reliable manual positioning of valves, dampers and other quarter-turn devices when over-riding existing pneumatic or hydraulic rotary actuators. All unit are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The modular design is to provide the most efficient and effective solution to a full range of manual overiding requairements.

1. Housing: Cast Iron or Aluminium Alloy
2. Gear Guardant: Ductile Iron
3. Input Shaft: ASTM A29M+Chrome Plated
4. Temperature Range: -20 (-4°F to +248°F
5. Stroke Adjustment: 5° at each end
6. Movement: 0°-90°
7. Finish Paint: Two Polyurethane Coated
8. Enclosure: Sealed to IP65
9. Torque Range: 0-300 to 3600Nm

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