Nikkiso Centrifugal Canned Motor Pumps (Non Seal Pump)

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Nikkiso Non Seal Pump (Centrifugal Canned Motor Pumps)

In accordance with API 685, NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pumps have been developed for the highest-pressure applications in refineries and the petrochemical sector in accordance with API 685* and ATEX**.

Applications for handling liquids

● high temperature

● aggressive

● flammable

● toxic

● explosive

● malodorous

● hazardous

● valuable

Palm Oil Downstream Application

–  Fatty Acid

–  Methanol

–  Sodium Methylate


–  Thermal Oil

–  Catalyst

–  Etc.


The LED display of the E-Monitor displays the axial and radial rotor position during pump operation. Available as a local or remote display. LED directional display for simplified startup.


NIKKISO bearings are slide bearings. The materials used range from various carbon graphites through polytetrafl uorethylene (PTFE) to silicon carbide. The use of CG93, a mixture of carbon and silicon carbide, enables increased protection against wear without any brittleness


Capacity : up to 1,200 m3/h

Head : up to 600 m

Temperature : -200 °C up to 450 °C

Max. Viscosity : 500 cP

Pump size : up to DN125

Motor Power Range : up to 250 kW

Material : SS316L, SS317, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.

Pressure : up to 80 bar

The advantages at a glance

  1. Safe

No gaskets – no leakages. Through a double safety enclosure, consisting of an internal stator lining and an external pressure-resistant stator housing, leakages and thus harmful impacts to the environment are avoided. This minimizes both immediate and long-term risks for personnel.

  1. Quiet and low-vibration

A fully encapsulated system without motor fan or exposed bearings enables low-noise and low-vibration operation.

  1. E-Monitor

Monitoring of bearing condition during pump operation for the highest safety.

  1. Small, compact and low space requirements

The integration of pump and motor make for an especially effi cient use of space. With minimal foundation space requirements, set-up costs are reduced. As no coupling is present, an alignment is not necessary.

  1. Low routine maintenance

No shimming or clearance setting is required. Simply by design, only a few parts are needed.

  1. Simple installation and maintenance

Compact design combined with a low number of required components enables simple installation and maintenance. Spacer discs or clearance settings are also no longer necessary.