KSB AMRI Butterfly Valve – Isoria 10

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DN 40 to 1000, Allowable pressure PS 10 bar
Design in accordance with EN 593 and ISO 10631

• Flow shut–off or regulation functions in all sectors of industry
and energy.

Standard design
• Wafer type body (Type 1): DN 40 to 1000
• Semi lug type body (Type 2): DN 40 to 600
• Full–lug type body with raised faces (Type 4): DN 40 to 600
• Flanged body with flat faces (Type 5): DN 150 to 1000
• Possible downstream dismantling and end of line for bodies, Types 2, 4 and 5.
• Face–to–face dimensions in accordance with: ISO 5752 series 20, EN 558–1 series 20.
• Connection according to standards page 9.
• Marking in accordance with EN 19.
• Mounting plate meeting the ISO 5211 standards.
• Valves perfectly tight shut–off (no visible leakage at the naked eye) in either flow direction, in accordance with the following standards:
EN 12266–1/leak level A and ISO 5208 category A.
• Body coated with polyurethane paint, thickness 80 μm, colour blue ref. RAL 5002.
• Discs: spheroïdal graphite cast iron coated with epoxy paint, thickness 80 μm, colour brown ref. RAL 8012.
• The valves meet the safety requirements of the pressure Equipments Directive 97/23/EC (PED) appendix I for fluids
of the groups 1 and 2.

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