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High Performance Butterfly Valves VG-7400
Varimex Valve - Butterfly
High Performance Butterfly Valves VG-7400

Varimex TVAP High Performance Butterfly Valves are available in Wafer and Lug type designs conforming to API 609 standard. The Disc construction is Double Offset providing excellent controllability, bubble tight shut off, greater seat life and smooth operation. Valves are specially designed for applications in Chemical, Petroleum, Hydro Carbons Processing, Pulp & Paper and HVAC industries. Well supported shaft with heavy duty bearings ensure perfect alignment of seat and disc for smooth and trouble free operations. Valves have been rigorously tested to ensure industry performance requirements.

- Valve body is solid, heavy duty. Seat
Retainer construction allows Gasket
conforming to API 609.
- Optimal disc geometry and cavity free
flow passage offers minimum flow
resistance and high Cv values.
- Heavy duty pins connecting valve shaft
to disc avoids lost motion under high
torque conditions.
- Long life, easy field replaceable seat
placed in body, away from flow steam,
provides bubble tight shut off. Valves
are equally suitable for control and
tight shut off applications.
- Low friction bearings provide
maximum radial support for higher
shaft loads. The PTFE lined bearings
having low co-efficient of friction
minimizes operating torque and reduces
actuator size. They are slip in-place
type, easy for assembly and
- Seat option includes PTFE, EPDM,
Viton Soft Seats and Flexible Metal
Seats to suit variety of fluids and
- Recommended for critical applications
including high temperature services,
throttling steam control, liquor services,
gas applications, vacuum applications,
corrosive fluids, refinery services,
chemical services, hydrocarbon
services, etc.

Valve Size : 2” (50mm) to 80” (2032mm)
Ratings : Class 150 , Class 300 ,Equivalent to DIN
Body Style : Wafer , Lug (Single Flange)
Design Standard : API 609 , ANSI B 16.34 , ANSI B 16.5
Testing Standard : API 598 , FCI 70-2
Seat Leak Option : Class VI for PTFE, EPDM, Viton Soft Seats,
  Class IV for Flexible Metal Seats
Flow Direction : Bi Directional

Conformity To Codes
Design & Manufacturing  : API 609 Category B
  BS 5155
  API 607 (Fire Safe)
Face To Dimentions : API 609
  BS 5155
  BS EN 558-1
  ISO 5752
Flange Dimensions : ANSI B 16.5 (DN 50 to DN 600)
  ANSI B 16.47 (DN 650 to DN 1500)
Pressure Temperature Rating ANSI B 16.34
Valve Inspection : API 598
: FCI 70-2

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