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Ball Valve
Omal - Ball
Ball Valve
1. Additional Oring on the stem To grant additional tightness towards outside
2. Antistatic device (electrical continuity between ball, stem and body) Static electricity is avoided which can cause sparks and fire in an inflammable/ explosive environment Safety of the contact is granted throughout the entire life of the valve
3. Stretch Graphite seal Tightness towards outside is granted, independently by the thermal excursions to which the valve is subjected

Lighter Weight

"Fire safe" Certificate
Guarantees the tightness of the valve also in case of fire

ATEX Certificate
Installation is possible in a potential explosive environment

PED Certificate
Compliance with European Safety Standards for Pressure Equipment

• Floating ball, full bore
• Soft-seat seal PTFE +15% glass filled
• Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1; ASME B16.5
• Operating temperature: -20°C / +150°C 
• Pressure class: PN16-40 - ANSI 150-300 
• Intercepted fluid: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products • Antistatic device EN12266-2 
• Stem seal: PTFE V-ring packing 
• Additional seal on stem with FKM O-ring 
• Anti Blow-out stem

• In compliance with European Directive 2014/68/UE PED 
• In compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive 
• FIRE SAFE: API 607 - EN ISO 10497

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